Rosanna Maryam Sirignano

PhD in Islamic Studies at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), in a Transcultural Studies programme (GPTS-8) within the scope of the Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe, where I also worked as scientific assistant.

I have been called upon as an expert on Culture, Identity and Religions at the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa. I currently carry out teaching activities and freelance training on Islamic studies as well as Arabic, transculturalism, time management and study method, and Italian for foreigners.

At the University of Padua I followed a training programme for imam and Islamic religious guides and I am a religious and intercultural operator within the PrimEd project recognised by the Ministry of Education (Miur). I successfully completed a training course in Leadership development by the Caribbean Muslim Network, International Institute of Islamic Thought and Riphah International University, to enhance my skills in the areas of coaching, mentoring, time management, emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict resolution and much more.

I am particularly active in the area of interreligious dialogue: I am a member of the CMCC (Commissione Internazionale Mariana Musulmano-Cristiana), created within the Pontifical Academy of Mary (PAMI) in 2019; I collaborated to the first two editions of the Muslim-Christian Summer School with UNEDI (National Office for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue).

Generally speaking, I collaborate with several associations engaged in cultural and social transformation in Italy, to promote dialogue and mutual understanding. I currently live in Avellino after spending four years in Germany, where I was in charge of teaching Standard Arabic to children and I was a voluntary assistant for child migrants. As an expert in foreign language teaching, in 2013 I obtained the DITALS certificate Level 2 for teaching Italian as a foreign language.

In 2012 I obtained a degree in Islamic-Arabic and Mediterranean Studies at “L’Orientale”  University of Naples with a focus on Arabic dialectology. I have studied and lived in Germany, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Palestine and Syria where in 2010 I discovered my faith: Islam.

My teaching method is also based on sharing my personal experience as a student and careful observer of the reality around me.

I am the author of the blog and book “La mia Siria” (“My Syria”), as well as scientific and educational articles that you will find here.

Through theatre, dance and yoga, I have learnt that paying attention and taking care of the body are essential for an open mind that is ready to learn! I belong to an Oriental dance company Karaba by Nada al-Basha and I have been awarded in several national competitions.