"Rosanna Maryam is an unusual teacher, a special person, very sensitive and attentive to everyone's needs. The course I followed with her was intense and exciting and made me grow and elevate spiritually."


"Delving into the knowledge of writing and reading Arabic, patiently guided by Rosanna Maryam was a different experience. You look at things from another perspective, you get used to reading from the other side of the paper, your ear gets used to unconventional sounds. I learnt again how to look from another point of view."


" MaryamEd's Arabic for Qur’an course is a journey through linguistic sounds and songs. The fear of the pronunciation of Arabic letters melts away in the confrontation with Rosanna Maryam, skilled and sweet at turning signs into vibrations. For those who decide to grow humanly and seek the 'Lost Word', this is the 'Way'.


"MaryamEd's Arabic course helped me to become both physically and mentally aware of how the language works. Despite having a basic knowledge, I understood how language and history can be seen and studied differently thanks to Rosanna Maryam’s ability to simplify complex concepts."


"Rosanna Maryam is a special person I met by chance on Facebook. I thank her for the opportunity to have discovered a way of learning online that I did not know before. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical at the beginning as I had never participated in a web course. Thanks to Rosanna, I discovered that with patience one can achieve a lot with just a few steps that will serve above all to guide my spiritual path".


" I recommend to all the people I work with MaryamEd's time management course. It was useful and I acquired tools that immediately helped me to manage my anxiety".


"I used to fight against time: I felt like I always had too much to do and too little time, I was stressed and hurried. Thanks to the time management course with MaryamEd my days changed. In a gentle and sensitive way, Rosanna Maryam helped me to deconstruct patterns that I had always imposed on myself. I received invaluable help to cope with everyday life by loving myself more."


"I have followed several courses with Rosanna Maryam from which her immense passion for the Arabic language and the Qur’an always emerges. A passion that she manages to convey to those like me who have the pleasure of attending her lessons, which always turn into opportunities for dialogue and inner growth. Everything in MaryamEd, as Rosanna Maryam also says, is always beyond boundaries."


"I started an Arabic course in MaryamEd out of curiosity and the desire to understand, to share, to savour, the mystery of the Qur’an. Appointing Rosanna Maryam was like stopping for a moment in a hectic life, taking off your shoes and entering barefoot into an oasis: time with her is rejuvenating and restorative, it pleasantly increases your thirst for knowledge and the desire to immerse yourself more!"


"Rosanna Maryam followed me on a personalised and customised path for me and my use of the Syrian dialect in my private and working life. I am delighted with the results, so much so that my Syrian husband from Damascus now says that I speak almost like a Syrian."


"Thanks to the MaryamEd course created on my needs and goals, I was able to free myself from the cage of the Italian language. For the first time, someone in a language course helped me to understand the rhythm and sound of a language that was new to me, to understand its dynamics and motives, to make it so familiar to me that I no longer had to think in Italian and then translate. Every opportunity to meet Rosanna Maryam leaves me enriched."


"Studying with Rosanna Maryam was enjoyable and effective: it brought back many memories and made new and old acquaintances become rooted. Discussing linguistics, translation idioms and traditions with Rosanna Maryam was exhilarating and nourishing. I find her approach to language learning what I call 'building bridges and networks".